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Welcome to Currie Group (NZ) PDF Print E-mail

Orbit_Drive_ExteriorAM International becomes Currie Group (NZ)

Currie Group specialises in designing, implementing and supporting small to mid format sheet-fed, and narrow web print-for-pay solutions.

As the only supplier in New Zealand that is expert in both the digital and analogue printing processes used in these sectors, we are uniquely positioned to assist commercial, label and packaging printers to meet ever increasing demand for shorter run lengths and faster turn around times without compromise on quality, colour and cost.

As a part of the Currie Group we have scale, reach and over 6 decades of experience in all facets of the printing process from file preparation to finishing. You can be sure we have the people, the support, the equipment and the consumables to provide a fully "Integrated Print Solution" that will give your business a competitive advantage.

True Offest Quality B2 Digital Printing PDF Print E-mail


THE new HP Indigo 10000 digital press will form the centrepiece of the Currie Group’s massive stand at Pacprint 2013 with 2 units printing a wide variety of commercial print applications. HP heralds it as the first true offset-quality digital press in a B2 size format. Available in early 2013, this 75 x 53-cm sheet fed press prints a 74 x 51 cm image area, long edge leading, at speeds of 3,450 (4/0) sheets per hour in four colour, and up to 4,600 (3/0) sheets per hour in Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM).


EPM is a standard feature on all new HP Indigo presses except the entry level 3550. It takes advantage of a specific property of HP ElectroInk that allows a black to be emulated on the page from Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. This allows certain images to be accurately printed in three colours instead of four, meaning higher production speeds and lower cost.

Like its predecessors, the 10000 offers features specific to HP Indigo like true spot colour capability through off-press ink mixing, a wider on-press colour gamut utilising up to seven colours, white ink  and thick substrate capability, all with auto perfecting functionality and unparalleled substrate flexibility. This flexibility derives from the press’s capability to support the largest media range in the industry, making it compatible with more tha 2500 certified substrates including coated, uncoated, metallic, recycled and specialty papers, and paperboard for folding cartons. A pallet feeder is supplemented by two drawers enabling multi-substrate jobs to be printed in collated form and on the fly changeovers of media for continuous printing.

On top of all the traditional HP Indigo features, the Quality Automation Suite on the 10000 makes it easier than ever to achieve the higest Indigo quality. Using an embedded spectrophotometer, registration cameras, and "Vision System" the press continuously checks each and every printed image and automatically calibrates itself on the fly making the operators life much simpler.

Additional quality checking is provided by the new Automated Alert Agent function that compares each image against the file and alerts the operator of any obvious discrepancies in real time.

 With the 10000, HP has responded to a long-standing need for a B2-size digital press that can genuinely produce offset image quality. See a sneak preview below!



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